Ollie Locke to Join House in Celebrity Big Brother 2014

December 29th, 2013

Ollie Locke to Join House in Celebrity Big Brother 2014

The United Kingdom’s Made in Chelsea star, Ollie Locke, will be joining the Celebrity Big Brother House (UK version) in 2014.


At 27-years-old, Ollie Locke had only just left Made in Chelsea, the E4 reality show, in August. Although, he apparently already felt it time to tackle another reality project for television.


Some might say that this isn’t quite a shock that he will be joining the Big Brother house. This mega-tanned star has been dubbed a professional party guy and is probably just looking for a good time.


The bisexual Locke will be rooming with the likes of other top celebrities, such as Sam Faiers, Katie Hopkins and Lee Ryan. It’s a known fact that romances are always flying about throughout seasons of Big Brother – regardless of it being the celebrity version, or not. Locke’s sexuality could make for some big drama in the show and maybe a possible love triangle could form? Many critics and long time fans of both Ollie Locke and Sam Faiers agree that they would be a perfect match. If anything, it definitely wouldn’t be a surprises if Cupid’s arrow struck these two stars. However, those in charge of Celebrity Big Brother are really hoping that Ollie will swing the other way.


When fans heard rumours of Ollie Locke to do Big Brother 2014, many may have been surprised as Locke was rumoured to make an appearance in “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” Even though some gigs have just been rumours, it appears as though his commitment to Big Brother is a sure thing. Other celebrities who have been rumoured to join the lineup, but have turned down the idea of it, include Kathy Griffin and Khloe Kardashian.


Fans won’t have to wait for long to find out who the stars will be and which romances will play out. The thirteenth season of Celebrity Big Brother will launch on January 3rd, 2014 and will air on Channel 5. Emma Willis, ex-model and known television presenter, will be returning to the show as host for another season.

If you would like a sneak peek into the grand Big Brother house before the new season airs, photos were released on December 16th and can be found here.


Tune-in to Channel 5 on January 3rd and follow along to see whether or not sparks fly between posh Ollie Locke and the blonde Sam Faiers.



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