Big Brother UK contestants

January 3rd, 2014

With just hours remaining before kick-off of the next chapter of Celebrity Big Brother, and the contestants yet to be revealed, rumour mills are flying. We may not know the contestants, but what we know for sure is that, the Celebrity Big Brother UK 2014 is sure to be unique and a cracker. First, the stately and Romanesque outlook of the palatial residence of the series, is a sure stunner. Second, the producers of the series promises to pair-yes pair big brother 2014 contestants in their own liking. For some of us, pairing causes a tingling sensation and this is exactly what the show is all about. While creativity without controversy is usually bland, the producers have promised to pair, blindfold and present contestants either those with no love lost between them or those they have a feeling of something happening.
We have been exposed to an all familiar housemate controversy, flare-ups, emotional exhaustion and occasional violence in the past, and this is not different given the names fronted for the show. While Lee Ryan of musical band Blue is the latest to feature in the rumours, he is being touted as by bookies to be the outright winner. Some of the more rumoured names are Dappy-the controversial N-Dubz rapper, The Only Way is Essex beauty Sam Faiers, her former lover Joey Essex and Evander Holyfield are now almost sure to be in the mix. Some rumoured to be big brother 2014 contestants like Katie Price and Katie Hopkins have distanced themselves with such rumours. Fans may be disappointed to hear that but more realistic expectations will be Allan Fletcher, Ollie Locke and Lucy Mecklenburgh to be present. Talking of image and public redemption Khloe Kardashian and Luisa Zissman, though outsiders as per the bookmakers, but they will fancy their chances, after all, it is not just about the win, but the opportunity.
This edition of big brother promises to be eventful as some rumoured contestants have already started voicing their expectations. Lee Ryan (from big brother) for example, will see to show his other side. While some could find the media scrutiny 24/7 in their life as hectic, Luisa Zissman and Allan Fletcher may find themselves in an all familiar territory following their stints with The Apprentice and Neighbours respectively. However, no one can claim to be disadvantaged since no one will make it into the big brother 2014 contestants final draw has not had extensive media scrutiny.
All is not all about the big brother 2014 contestants as the host and producers seek to capitalize on the already growing brand appeal of the big brother. The fans are ecstatic and the expectations are high, meaning that all those involved must be on their best.

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