Big Brother 2013

December 21st, 2013

Big Brother is a reality game show franchise being run by John de Mol. The basic requirements are set whereby a group of people that are housemates or houseguests live together in a large, specially constructed house. They are kept isolated from the outside world and are not commonly cognized about the outside events during their tenure in the house.

During their time in the house, contestants are constantly monitored through in-house television cameras along with personal audio microphones. Each series of the reality show lasts for a count of three months, with an average of 10-20 contestants entering the house.

In order to save themselves from weekly evictions, contestants are curtailed to perform well in their tasks and maintain friendlier relations with other housemates.

Review of Big Brother 2013

Being one of the most watched reality based television series, Big Brother has been accumulating huge fame across the audiences. Big Brother 14: Secrets and Lies, was the fourteenth British Reality Television Series which bring along a great deal of appreciation and gossips from the public.

It has proven to be a complete entertainment for the audiences and one of the most successful reality show series across the UK. With eight housemates entering on the launch night, which includes a set of twins and other six including a mother and a daughter, entering the compound the following night.

What’s new in the Big Brother 2013 series?

Review of Big Brother 2013 discloses an interesting change as the series saw the return of viewers voting to evict, rather than voting to save their favorite contestants alike the two previous series. This way of voting has been a surprise as it had not been used since Ultimate Big Brother.

With Emma Willis, this was the first series of Big Brother. It was presented by “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side” co-host and marked the change of its first presenter. Earlier in 2011, Brian Dowling took over from Davina McCall.

Big Brother 2013 –Modifications in the format

Review of Big Brother 2013 outlines two changes that were identified in the last series. One of the major changes implemented was the return of “Vote to Evict”. The nominated individuals with the lowest votes were given a chance to stay by organizing a live eviction session each Wednesday.

During the live eviction session, nominated housemates were asked to explain why they think they should stay in the house longer.

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